Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Eastern Meditteranean Supper

My current obsession (I think it would be fair to call it such) is with Eastern Mediteranean cuisine. It's a passion that been building over time and seems perfectly natural - I've always loved street food and prefer to eat mezze style over a more British set plates and courses. I love flatbreads and hummus, vegetable based dishes and healthy, natural food.

Discovering Ottolenghi, and owning his cook books was a definite milestone in my culinary explorations. This awakening led me to the Bierut Street food of Yalla Yalla, and meanderings onto Edgware Road.

A few nights ago, I held a Lebanese supper, with recipes taken from a Ottolenghi and Silvena Rowe..

Radish and broad bean salad, with preserved lemon- A light, sharp salad with a bit of bite.

Pastry boreks with feta and spinach

Burnt aubergine, with tahini and pomegranate molasses and seeds

Pistachio Revani, with a pomegranate seed syrup


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