Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rumpus Party Vol.9- Tomorrow's Party Today

Rumpus Party Vol. 9
The Future has arrived, and it’s all Dancefloors, Tails and Strict
Party Discipline.
Rumpus is going where no Party has gone before: into a post-apocalyptic,
dystopian Future, and it’s dragging you along for the ride. You have a choice:
adhere to the strict rules of the Party and help the People’s Party of Rumpus to
achieve yet more Glory, or join the underground resistance and break the Party’s
iron-fisted grip on Beats, Beasts and Dancefloors

Conform or Rise up!

As tradition dictates, I will be at this months Rumpus Party Vol.9:
Tomorrows Party, Today, armed with cakes for your pleasure.Come along to
this unique club night event, for live music, partying, art- and a Circus
Sideshow.Not to mention cake of course- I will be selling my Hot Chocolate
or Lemon Miringue flavour cupcakes (amongst others!) or chocolate cake pops so
swing by to say hello and have a nibble.

Get your tickets…

Rumpus Vol. 9 – Tomorrow’s Party, Today!
Islington Metal Works
06 Apr 2012
Event time:


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Food News: Welcome, CakeTease

Happy news!

The website for the Loulovesfood day job CakeTease London is now live!
Blogger by night, baker and cake decorator by day, I now have my very own shiney new website to promote my wares.

So, for beautiful birthday cakes, tiered wedding cakes and cakes for kids (and big kids) visit

See you on there :)



Monday, 19 March 2012

Dinner 19.03.2011 Caramlized onion and smoked garlic tart,

“Whilst the cats away, the mice make garlic tart” says Charlie.

And he’s right. As the Eurostar pulls out of Dover, bound for ropey Continental breakfasts, beer and German sausage, I reach for the bulb of smoked garlic that has been sitting (much lusted after, oft spoken of) in my pantry, waiting for its debut.

I based my tart on a mish-mash of recipes, with influences of Ottolenghi’s caramelised garlic tart (puff pastry, caramelised garlic, double cream…) and a traditional French Pissaladiere (plenty of rosemary, caramelised onion, enough garlic to kill a mosquito from a thousand feet). ‘Fusion Food’ you might say- A hybrid of French and Middle Eastern, classic and contemporary.

Twenty minutes in, and the pastry was beginning to turn golden. The roasting garlic was smelling both sweet and sharp and the onions were caramelising. I realised I was onto something special. The puff pastry meant the tart was a little swollen, bumpy and misshapen, but as most people know, I like my food (animals, men…) ugly.

The smoked garlic was definitely the star of this dish- I was worried it might have lost its smoked taste during the cooking process, but subtley it survived. The tart was accompanied with a leafy salad, something a little special, I added marinated golden beetroot, roasted hazelnuts, feta and red onions, not to mention plenty of fresh herbs and winter spinach from my garden.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Food News: Bompas and Parr Culinary Odyssey

For A Culinary Odyssey, KitchenAid have joined up with Bompas & Parr to prototype the dishes of the future, to explore the avenues for global food development and launch the KichenAid® 6.9L Artisan® Stand Mixer – the best performing stand mixer in its class.

The six-month research project culminates in an interactive event held at One Marylebone and the publication of a report on the ‘Future of Food and Food Preparation’ on Wednesday, 21st March 2012.

Bompas & Parr have worked with food designers, micro-nutritionists, set builders and biochemists employing cutting edge technology to create an event that provides insight into how we may eat in the future.
Food plays a significant role in science fiction as one of the clearest measures of how far we have journeyed from the present (J.P. Retzinger, 2008). Many science fiction authors and film directors invest considerable energy imagining the food of the future and their predictions offer areas for culinary speculation and innovation.

Okay, so it's effectively one giant ad for KitchenAid, but with the help of culinary event extraordinaires Sam and Harry, it should at least be a fun, albeit commercial, ride, with the menu incorporating genetic modification, entomophagy, nutraceuticals, nano-technology. Cocktails and canapes will feature our take on Burgess's terrifying Milk Plus from A Clockwork Orange as well as bio-luminescent enzymes, cooking with liquid hydrogen, sugar in the air, cooking with liquid hydrogen and the most intoxicating drink in the galaxy.

If you aren't tempted yet, The Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC) are making science fiction cocktails, Rhea Thierstein is designing sets that include the entire solar system in papier-mâché and Poietic Studio are building food levitation devices and the tropism well. On the evening, Future Laboratory will launch a report on science fiction prototyping and how we'll eat in the future...

Tickets available from noon on the 8th March for £5 from