Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rumpus Party Vol.9- Tomorrow's Party Today

Rumpus Party Vol. 9
The Future has arrived, and it’s all Dancefloors, Tails and Strict
Party Discipline.
Rumpus is going where no Party has gone before: into a post-apocalyptic,
dystopian Future, and it’s dragging you along for the ride. You have a choice:
adhere to the strict rules of the Party and help the People’s Party of Rumpus to
achieve yet more Glory, or join the underground resistance and break the Party’s
iron-fisted grip on Beats, Beasts and Dancefloors

Conform or Rise up!

As tradition dictates, I will be at this months Rumpus Party Vol.9:
Tomorrows Party, Today, armed with cakes for your pleasure.Come along to
this unique club night event, for live music, partying, art- and a Circus
Sideshow.Not to mention cake of course- I will be selling my Hot Chocolate
or Lemon Miringue flavour cupcakes (amongst others!) or chocolate cake pops so
swing by to say hello and have a nibble.

Get your tickets…

Rumpus Vol. 9 – Tomorrow’s Party, Today!
Islington Metal Works
06 Apr 2012
Event time:


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