Friday, 1 October 2010

The Experimental Food Society


The Experimental Food Society

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that food isn't just something we consume to survive. It goes beyond sandwiches from Pret or getting the right nutritional fat-to-mineral-to-protien ratio on a plate. As as artist as well as a cook, it's fascinating to see food and art come together. It's refreshing to be shown that food isn't just art when it comes on an oversized plate with a Michelin star (or three...) and that you don't need to have attended Leith's and spent twenty years in a kitchen to make an impact on the food industry. And I can't think of a more exciting way to be reminded of this than by The Experimental Food Society.

Last week The Experimental Food Society 'The UK's most talented culinary creatives' held their annual edible exhibition, to showcase the new ways in which the gourmet artist's blend food with art, entertainment and science.

I booked my tickets weeks ago and ticked off the days to this year's event held in the Brick House on Brick Lane- and on Saturday I trotted down, camera in hand...

Bompass and Parr Ether Jelly

Feasts of the senses included a life sized suckling pig cake, a sculpted fondant gorilla and Paul A Young's Burning Ember Truffle -filled with black cardamom, tobacco and chilli.

Simon Smith at work, carving sculptures out of margerine.

I chatted with Paul Wayne Gregory, who proved chocolatiers are some of the most passionate members of the food world, whilst rolling out his champagne and white rum truffles.
I also enjoyed Ginger's icecream; 'This Monkey's Gone to Heaven' was a gorgeous mix of Banana, peanut and bitter chocolate - served out of an old school icecream van.

Its Paul O'Grady- A portrait comissioned by Jelly Belly and made of Jelly Beans. I do not know why. Impressive. Bemusing... But impressive.

A Carl Warner food landscape.

... Till next year! xxx !



  1. wow, there's some amazing stuff there

  2. I DESPERATELY want a portrait of me done in jelly beans. Hhmmmmmmmmyeeesssssindeedy!
    Lou, this is meeeee but I don't know how to put my name on it, this is all vaaaair confusing.
    But yes. I would not mind that POG painting right now. But I do hate his voice...