Thursday, 30 September 2010

Lavender Cupcakes


Today's Daily cupcake offering- Lavender cupcakes.

Simple replace caster sugar in your average vanilla cupcake recipe with lavender sugar, and use lavender infused icing sugar instead of plain in your lavender frosting. Et voila! I used lavender sugar for the entire measure of sugar so they had a nice, distinct flavour.

To decorate, I frosted with the lavender buttercream icing and added a tiny hint of blue and red food colouring to the fondant to give it a slight purply colour, then topped with a lavender sprig.
If you don't like to use food colouring, you can also use a tiny drop of beetroot juice for a cute baby pink cupcake.

How to make Lavender Sugar:

Seperate the lavender flowers from their stem by running your fingers from tip to root, or picking off. Tip your sugar into a food processor and add the flowers, discarding the stem and blitz using the pulse button until well mixed. Tip through a sieve so the sugar is seperated from the flowers. Anything left in the sieve can be put into a muslin bag and left in with the sugar, which should be stored in a sealed container to infuse. You now have lavender sugar!
It's too easy.



  1. i want one or two, no make that three :p

  2. This is really new to me. I never thought of putting lavender flowers in any of my recipe. I should probably try this to know if it tastes really good and where it is perfect to match with.

  3. Lavender sugar! Awesome. That is so creative. I like the cupcake on the photo. It seems that you are a great baker. Thanks for sharing your recipe.