Monday, 7 February 2011

Dinner: 05.02.2011


Time for friday dinner again! This meal, I - don't quite- hasten to add (if only I had- it was rockin...)was not made by me! Sadly a late evening at work kept me away from the kitchen...

It starts with one fillet of cod, seasoned only with salt and pepper and a salad of grilled Jeruselum artichoke, watercress and roasted hazelnut. What i love most about this combination is that they are both so simple and easy. There are minimal ingredients but it needed literally nothing more.

The soup is leek and chickpea, drizzled with olive oil. And these we had with my new favourite thing- yoghurt flatbreads!


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  1. Tell me more about the grilled Jerusalem artichoke salad - sounds lovely and so unusual. I am going to have to try the corn dogs in your previous post. I've had them in the States but never made them - I think the time has come to remedy that!