Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cardamom Fish Curry

I love fish curry, it's one of my favourites! Usually I just kinda make it up, but today I followed a Josceline Dimbleby recipe for Cardamom Curry.

I knew I would like this recipe as it includes what my brother used to refer to as the Holy Trinity- chili, ginger and garlic. if that's not enough, they are then fried with cod and a handful of cardamom seeds.
Transfer the fish to a dish with coconut cream, water and lemon juice and cooked in the oven for about forty minutes and you have a lovely delicately oriental curry. Don't skimp on the coconut or ginger etc- the more flavour the better. Mine was a little more watery than I had hoped... I also added some dessicated coconut to add texture.
Chili, ginger, cardamom, coconut, lemon... so many buzz words in one dish!


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  1. Looks amazing. I love currys with a thin sauce... more South Indian type thing.
    I used to play piano for Kate Dimbleby (Josceline's daughter who is a singer) years ago. Should have obtained a few free cookery books....