Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bompas and Parr striped Clementine Jellies

Striped Clementine and Blamanche Jelly

After the success of my layered fruit Pimm's Jelly, I was more than excited to try these jellies from my ultimate food heros, Bompass and Parr. I have to say, getting this to work is probably the finest achievement of my life to date.

The artist at work.

To make these jellies you have to carefully seperate the flesh of one of the segments from the skin by peeling it out through the top of the clementine. This was kind of tricky, but once you get the first bit out, it gets easier. It was at the point I discovered my skill for hollowing clementines. I've found my calling.
You then layer the clementine jelly made with the strained flesh and blamanche jelly, letting it set a tablespoon at a time.
Make sure you pour the same quanitity into each, to get nice, equal stripes. Or don't. A few of mine ended up a bit squew-whiff (well, it was my first try...) but it actually looked pretty cute with zig zags.
I won't spell out the quantities and details here as it gets pretty wordy- you will just have the buy the Jelly with Bompas and Parr book! I reviewed it during the Food and Travel days and it's well worth it.
Once they are filled and set, you can cut two nicks into each side of the lid, then, sliding the knife into them, cut it into slices. I would advice doing this with an audience, otherwise its wasted. It's just too pretty not to share.

There is no way anyone wouldn't be impressed by these beautiful little wobbly fruits. If they aren't they do not have a soul. They also happen to taste a bit bloody lovely, so the fun doesn't end with the heaps of praise and attention you will probably be lavished with (if you're friends are worth their salt.)

If you love the look of these, then I do recommend 'Jelly with Bompas and Parr', which is now out. If you can't get your hands on it I wouldn't worry. I'm fairly certain there will be more Bompas and Parr blogs to come.



  1. Aahh! Jelly and blancmange! Takes me back to birthday parties when I was a little lad. I'm sure a bunch of over-excited 6 yr olds would really appreciate all the effort you have gone to! :¬)

  2. I know! I need a reason to have lots of babies around me. They would be so well fed and happy and sticky faced <3