Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Porridge of the Week #11


Porridge of the Week #11
Fig, Almond and Rose Water

Category: Flavoured

Tear up the figs, making sure they are very ripe-keep on the skins. Wet the oats with soya milk in a pan with the figs and warm through. Drop in a few drops of rosewater. Start with less, taste, and add more if necassary. Tip in flaked almonds and a handful of california raisins- the huge, juicy kind.
Pour into a bowl and top with a final piece of fig and a sprinkling of extra flaked nuts.

This recipe is all about the flavour! I've recently been rosewater and orange blossom water in everything I cook, so this was agreat excuse. I'd had some leftover figs from a dinner party and Emma's recent Fig and Syrup porridge (a future p.o.t.w?) inspired me to try the flavours together.
Its a very elegant, delicate porridge. The figs are beautiful and the seeds give it a nice crunch. A nice summer months one.


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