Thursday, 19 August 2010

Porridge of the Week #13

Porridge of the Week #13
Raspberry and Almond

Category: Healthy
Warm the porridge through, softening it with milk. Drop in one drop of almond essence and, as it is warming, add the raspberry. Stir them in with your spurtle, crushing some of them and breaking them up as you do so. Take a large handful of plain unsalted almonds and crush by hand. Tip this into the porridge and mix. Plate up and serve with a a few extra raspberries and a whole almond.

I really struggled with this porridge- healthy or flavoured?? Raspberries are packed with fibre and anti oxidants, and it is recommended to get nuts and seeds into your diet at breakfast time, so I decided to go with healthy... But it has some good flavour, too!


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