Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dinner: Polenta Pizza


The other day, I was alerted to Otto, a Notting Hill restaurant selling pizza made with polenta bases. This I am very curious about. Still feeling inspired from my trip to Italy, and full of enthusiasm for my recent discovery of polenta itself, I was moved to attempt to make a polenta pizza of my own.

Here it is, topped with grilled vegetables, plum tomatoes, spinach rosemary, basil and mushroom. I mixed some rosemary into the polenta mix whilst I was making the base, but I think next time I will put in a bit more, and some Parmesan too, to give it a bit more flavour.

The nice thing about using a polenta base is it's a lot lighter than a traditional dough base, and goes all crispy round the edges. You don't need the tomato sauce either, which I could never get to taste right, and can make them a bit rich.

I'm definately going to do this again soon. Next time, I think I'll do Gorgonzola, spinach and toasted walnuts. Any suggestions for something else I could try..? Can I bring myself to move away from the polenta/girolles mushroom combination..?



  1. Hi Lou - thank you for stopping by at my blog - good to meet you!
    I'm loving this blog of yours!! I'm also obsessed with food lol

  2. My pleasure, it's a great, really nicely presented blog :)
    I will be checking back! x

  3. Beautiful. :) I have just started to prepare polenta this way. Check out my recipe which I have posted last week: