Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Porridge of the Week #12

Porridge of the Week #12
Cherry/ Chocolate Cherry
Category: Healthy/Flavoured/Evening

Place a large handful of pitted cherries in a pan with enough water to cover the base and a sprinkling of sugar. Add a tiny splash of vanilla essence. Heat up, stirring regularly and breaking the cherries with the side of a spoon. Continue to stir and heat until the cherries reduce into a thick sticky compote. For the evening version drop in a few tablespoons of cherry brandy once the compote has been reduced to the right consistency. Stir in and remove from the heat.
Make the porridge with milk, stirring in another small drop of vanilla essence. Whilst it is heating through, tip in the majority of the cherry compote and stir through. At this point, for the evening version, stir in three cubes of dark chocolate. Stir in a circular motion just enough for the chocolate to melt and begin to trail.
Remove from the heat and tip into a bowl. Add the rest of the cherry compote, and if you have also added the dark chocolate, grate a small amount on top. Voila. Serve the breakfast cherry porridge with a final cherry, for the aesthetic.

One porridge for every occasion! I personally think cherries go perfectly with porridge. This porridge is warming and rich and beautiful to look at and taste. Cherry and chocolate is also a classic combination and it would be sacrilege not to combine them for this gorgeous evening variety.
Tip: For the healthy version-If you don't want any added sugar in your porridge then that's fine. Just omit it from the compote. If you're in a hurry, you can always just add the pitted cherries before you heat the porridge up.
Green and Blacks do a good sour cherry chocolate which is really nice for adding an extra tangy dimension to your pudding porridge.

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