Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Salted Caramel at Artisan du Chocolat

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart

I love salt in my chocolate, its my favourite way to do it. Salted caramel in particular just does something to me that I cannot describe.

So after taking a friend to try the salted caramel range at L'Artisan du Chocolat, it was almost inevitable that our attention would turn to their cafe menu, which features chocolate cocktails, 'tapas' and a range of palpitation inducing puddings- including the Chocolate and salted caramel tart.

I was born to eat this pudding. This pudding was made to be in my life.

Imagine getting a box of the L'Artisan du Chocolat original salted caramels and melting them into a little pastry case so the chocolate shell and caramel centre ooze together into a rich, oily goo. This is the Artisan Tart.
There are a many many ways I could describe this dessert, but none of them are suitable for polite conversation. I would do terrible things to this dessert, and this dessert does terrible terrible things to me.

At £5 I could not recommend it enough, but if you can't get down right now then you can always get yourself all excited by doing a bit of Internet perving at www.artisanduchocolat.com

L'artisan du Chocolat, 020 7824 8365, 81 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, W2 4UL


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