Sunday, 6 June 2010

Dinner 04.06.10

After a trip to Borough Market the other day (coming soon..!) I was all stocked up for cooking dinner round friends. Aleks had bought huge amounts of roe deer and fresh beetroot, which I was really excited about as I've never cooked game before.

There are infinite possibilities for cooking with beetroot, so it took a while for me to make any menu decisions, Here's what I came up with...


Baked beetroot
slices topped with a smoked salmon and horseradish cream, with beetroot thins.
Grilled Holloumi and melon (classic!)

Main Course:

Roe Deer, Red Wine and Beetroot Casserole
- (see Food Fact of the Day!)

It was, of course, delicious. And pretty simple! I'm really pleased to have tried roe deer. Next time, we're doing Ostrich :)



  1. The casserole looks amazing!
    Made me think I'm going to do the same thing with the local venison (we're in South Beds so there's a lot round Woburn etc.)
    Doing it with beetroot makes so much sense!
    I'm on a bit of a beetroot vibe at the moment 'cos just got back from Moscow where we had amazing borsht

  2. I am SUCH a fan of beetroot!
    I've had a look at your blog and it looks fantastic, so please let me know if you do try anything out with it.
    I love it because its so versatile- I was fantasising about a beetroot buffet the other day, there are so many recipes for sweet and savoury...

  3. I have a facebook group called "Foodbook Photos".
    It's not a fan page or anything, just a group for random people to upload pics of their cooking so everyone else can see and comment on what they're having for dinner.
    Anyhow, someone just uploaded a fantastic pic and recipe for borsht beetroot soup.
    You should have a look (and join the group, and contribute) :)
    Link is:

  4. That sounds like exactly the kind of thing I like!! I will definatly be joining that. Thanks for sending it my way xx