Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Edible Gifts.

Going to stay with friends= edible chocolate gifts!

These chocolate thins are are made with either crushed ameretti, crystalised ginger, caramelised almond, white chocolate and raspberry, vanilla or pecan.
They're also super super easy, fun to make, and have hundreds of possible varieties!



  1. They look realy nice and I love every variety. Could you please post a recipe?

  2. Of course. It's really very simple. Almost embarrassingly easy!
    Melt some dark or milk chocolate in a pan. The bowl should never touch the water, and the water should simmer, not boil. Make sure all the apparatus is dry!
    When the chocolate is melted, add a tiny sprinkle of cinammon, or a drop of liquer if you wish. With a wooden spoon, drop circles of the melted chocolate onto baking parchment. When the chocolate is almost set, swirl the top gently with a spoon to create the rippled shape.
    Place the cubes of chopped crystalised ginger, raspberry and white chocolate, pecan etc. onto the chocolate and leave to set.

    (You can also use any other topping you like- be creative!)

    To make the ameretti sprinkles, simply crush amerretti biscuits. For the almonds, caramelise in melted sugar and leave to set, before breaking up into chunky pieces.

  3. Cheers! :) Love the idea and it is simple to make. I will make them as a gift when visiting friends.