Wednesday, 9 June 2010

You can never have too many muffins.

Aaron sent me a photo of these muffins he made... Theres nothing I don't love about these!

It has encouraged me (yeah, as if I need that much encouraging) to make some myself, so tomorrow my beautiful assistant Emma and I, will be having a long baking session!

Check back for that- but for now, satisfy your cravings with this...

Muffins are a lot of fun because they don't need a food processor and are super easy to mix. The key is to fold the flour in carefully to the batter and not mix it too hard. You want lumpy unmixed bits of batter to give it that distinct muffin texture. You can also experiment by throwing in whatever you like. These have carrot, apple, sultanas, coconut and marzipan, and they are topped with a sandy, crumbly mix of oats, three seeds, honey and sugar. Make sure you have plenty of people around to try them, or you will end up eating more of them than you intended, as I discovered to my cost!

Aaron, if you're reading this- I want one I want one I want one I want one!



  1. You are right, never enough muffins. ;) I also make a savoury ones and take them with us when we go picnic. :)

  2.'re more than welcome. I need people to eat them to stop me finishing them all myself. Tomorrow's batch will be blueberry crumble which I will take to a party so hopefully they will get wolfed down there.

    The muffin plate was only £4 from a small Scandinavian shop in the Ealing Broadway shopping centre. Bargain!