Sunday, 6 June 2010

Focus on: Borough Market

Borough Market is without question not only one of my favourite places in London, it is easily one of my favourite places to be anywhere. As a lover of good quality produce, it fills me with such open mouthed joy and excitement I often have to remind myself to breathe.

For those unfamiliar, the market is a vast sprawling, and often overcrowded affair located under the arches of London Bridge. Housing hundreds of stalls, it sells a variety of food and drink from organic vegetables, cider and game to Italian mozzarella, home made pesto and hundreds of varieties of chutneys. Stalls also provide lunch options in the form of world street food such as Ostrich burgers and Boreks or treats including smoothies, biscuits and cakes.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so if that hasn’t yet convinced you…

The lovely gentleman at deGustibus

Tuna. The most pornographic of foods.

The Owls, by The Cinammon Tree

LouLovesFood Recommends:

Balsamic Glazes- Borough market stocks a massive variety of oils and vinegars, but I would particularly recommend The Olive Mill, for their range of sticky and sweet fruity balsamic glazes- Orange or Fig in particular.

Muesli- Mini Magoo is a great company selling breakfast mixes to cater for a variety of tastes and intolerances. Their Ginger Granuesli is uber tasty!

Pate- I partially attribute the breaking of my mushroom abstinence to the Mushroom Pate made by Pate Moi. A good alternative for vegetarians, it is beautifully creamy and rich and full of flavour.

Pesto: Borough Market is a great place to stock up on Pesto, and I always make it my mission to pick out my favourite. This time, I sided with La Tua Pasta. The beautiful Italians that work there aren’t all that bad either…

Cakes and Biscuits: This is almost impossible to decide, with the plethora of pastries and cakes on offer. Though Flour Power are always popular for their huge brownies, and Artisan make a gorgeous looking cheesecake, I went with the little company The Cinammon Tree for their simple but adorably cute Owl biscuits and Indian Elephant Cookies.

Thankyou to the kind people who allowed me to lurk around their stalls and permitted me to take photos, especially to the good people at deGustibus, Artisan, The Olive Mill, The Cinammon Tree and Une Normande et Londres.

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