Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Porridge of the Week #6

Porridge of the Week #6
Blueberry Porridge
Category: Healthy
Get some Superfood into your diet. Blueberries are one of nature's most powerful anti-oxidants, as well as being beneficial for urinary tract health, vision and lowering cholesterol.
They have also been attributed to weight loss and promoting brain health. Super food indeed!
This is a very simple porridge. Add milk to your porridge and then heat up a handful of blueberries so they soften and release there juices. Stir into the porridge, turning it a gorgeous milky blue. Top with fresh, cold blueberries. Seriously, you cannot have too many blueberries with this porridge. The more the better!
Simple and delicious.
As an alternative to milk or water you could always really go to town and mix with blueberry or pomegranate juice to make it really fruity and boost its anti-oxidant content and health potential.


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