Saturday, 31 July 2010

Goodbye Food and Travel Magazine

I'm going to sorely miss having my finger on the pulse of London's food scene.
And having some purpose to my life.
I'm going to miss the bisuit testing too...

Thursday night I had a big baking session and took some of the produce into the lovely people at the Magazine. Keya had shared my love of Ottolenghi, so I made Orange Polenta cake (you may have seen this beautiful pudding on my blog before) and a Nigel Slater Lemon and Thyme cake.

If you can get your hands on 'Ottolenghi' then get it... Its worth it for this cake alone. Wth a caramel layer between the orange and marmalade topping and polenta base, it involves more prep than your average sponge cake, but by no means hard work, it is worth the extra effort. The polenta makes it thick and gooey and textured, and the flavours are both strong and delicate and complex. To put it simply, it's to die for.
Oh, and even if you don't eat cake, its worth making just for the photos. Isn't it a work of art?

This cake made me nearly cry. Super super moist and very lemony. The bits of thyme, when you stumble across them, compliment it perfectly. It will be happening again.



  1. The orange and polenta cake is my current favourite cake in the world. I love the stickiness of the centre where the orange blossom water combines with the polenta. In fact I may be rushing to the supermarket to make it tomorrow....:)

    And the lemon thyme cake looks lovely too. Perfectly cooked, a light golden top with cracks just beginning to appear.... and those thyme leaves. Oh my, I think I need to go and be alone with my feelings about these cakes for a bit.

  2. What a great blog. So many good ideas and beautiful photgraphy.
    The orange polenta cake looks wonderful and I am going to have to make time to cook this.Would I share it - hmmmm not sure!
    I have recently been given one of Ottolenghi's cookbooks -'Plenty'. Last night I made the 'Multi-vegetable paella' - lots of gutsy flavours.It had the thumbs up from those who ate it,so a success! Lianne

  3. Oh thankyou Lianne!!
    That's great you have the book, I seriously covet it! I would highly recommend you try the Figs and Goats Curd recipe (page 272) or the aubergine croquettes (page 120)