Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I concur.

I'm the kind of lass that will eat pretty much anything, but there are a few sites that turn even my fairly undiscerning stomach. One of these are McDonalds ads (They don't even try to make it look good, do they?) and the other is prepackaged sliced white bread.
(You just have to look at it to know that somewhere along the line, we went drastically wrong.)
There's a part of me that resents myself for this, but that is largely down to having to admit that in doing so, my parents attempts to educate me have to some degree, worked.

I remember as a child begrudging the brown whole-meal bread I found in my lunch-box, and even have a strong memory of being highly embarrassed one day at primary school when I found myself with Pita bread as an alternative (If you're reading this Maman, please feel free to go buy me Pita bread, those days are long gone).

Along with not being allowed crisps for my daily snack like the other children, it is something I may not have understood or appreciated at the time, but probably played a large part in shaping me into the healthy, well fed little lady I am today. Its a decision I now respect, and enforce upon myself now that I am unshackled by parental supervision.

My Papa in particular has always dispproved of white sliced. And for every painful school memory of craving pappy peanut butter cardboard sandwiches and buttery toast, and I have just as many (if not many more) of our Weekend Bread, from the baker.

All the cheese toasties in the world cannot compare to the smell of bakery bread- a smell that is the cornerstone of my childhood... I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So these days I always bee line straight for the whole grain bread, preferably those stuffed with seeds. I'm also a sucker for speciality breads, and pretty much anything that hasn't come out of a plastic wrapper screaming their faux homely credentials.

Knowing this, my aforementioned Father flagged up the article by Oliver Thring, below, from the Guardian Online Food blog.
The article discusses why we are eating something that resembles a 'fungus, a pappy, vaguely elastic, glutinous, gluey foam'. The appearance of white sliced is described further- "the wheaten tan of the uncrusty crust. The white, resilient sponge. The zombie-like, yeasty odour. The bleached and puffy crumb."
Harsh, but true.
Its possible that Thring does in this one article what my parents did in a school span of unappreciated packed lunches. Read on.

Thanks Papa- and not just for the article.


  1. But what of the wonderful Danish pastries, brioche, croisant and all the other Weekend delights from the bakers?


  2. Pish, don't you remember I have no sweet tooth in the mornings? Nothing against Danish Pastries, but I always boycotted them! Maman always brings me home a bread roll when she gets pastries (take note).
    Its all about that round bread warmed up with herb roule, cheddar and tomato <3

  3. BRIOCHE???

    That was a joke, right?