Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Porridge of the Week # 9

Porridge of the Week # 9
Chocolate Truffles and Kahlua

Category: Evening

I feel another evening porridge is in order! Certainly not for breakfast, unless you have a strong stomach... This would be an ideal piece de resistance pudding for a dinner party, if you are catering for fellow porridge enthusiasts (or maybe Scots..?)
Try it with anyone else and they may well think you are mental.
There is also room for experimentation with this- try Bailey's truffles and a shot of Bailey's for an extra creamy intense Porridge. The possibilities are endless.

Heat the porridge with milk or cream. I would advice adding the liqueur once it is done to avoid burning off the alcohol (no one would want that). Once the porridge is heated through and the liqueur is stirred in, drop in the chocolate truffles. Stir lightly so that it leaves trails of chocolate but does not completely dissolve. Tip into bowls and add another drizzle of liqueur.
To continue with the coffee flavours of the Kahlua, decorate with a chocolate covered cocoa bean and a sprinkling of coca powder.

Tastes as good as it looks ^_^


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