Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Porridge of the Week #8

Porridge of the week #8
Rødgrød med fløde

Category: Pudding
This recipe is influenced by research I've been doing at work on cuisine from Copenhagen. So P.O.T.W #8 is a take on the Danish recipe 'rødgrød med fløde', a pudding made typically from cornstarch, red berries and custard. My ode to Denmark...

Mix the porridge with milk and leave overnight for an extra creamy consistency. If possible, soak a vanilla pod in with the milk. Add mixed red berries- but make sure one of them is redcurrants. Stir in whilst warming through. Pour into a bowl and top with warm vanilla custard, or cream with a dash of vanilla essence. Scatter with a handful more redcurrants. Mmmm.

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