Saturday, 3 July 2010

The BBQ.

BBQs don't have to just be a pile of sausages and pappy white bread rolls. Regard.

Artichoke, garlic and cumin dip
burnt aubergine with tahini and pomegranate molasses
asparagus wrapped in sesame filo

I think this would be nice with a thin layer of proscutto...

Sweet peppers stuffed with holloumi, tomato and black olive

Orange of apricot sausages. Well... no need to shun them completely.

Home made wholemeal rolls courtesy of Ian- very impressed!

Homemade caremelised red onion chutney
Home made spicy tomato relish

Strawberry Meringue stacks with balsamic strawberry coulis, pomegranate seeds and frosted mock-orange blossom

It wouldn't be a BBQ without it...

Chocolate dipped strawberries. Summery and easy and always popular.


  1. Great food. Thanks Lou. The meringues were fantastic!

  2. I am very very impressed. The strawberry meringue nests look amazing, and the sesame asparagus filo wraps seem to work really well too. It's always lovely to see a BBQ with such a rich, full colour palette rather than the usual charred browns splashed with red ketchup blotches. Congratulations!

  3. Everything looks fatastic (or mybe the sausages don't ;P), I wish somebody would make such a nice bbq dishes for me! I have to get hold of pomegranate molasses, because it is not a first time I see an impressive dish using this ingredient.

  4. All looks amazing....
    To fully appreciate food of this calibre though, I'd have to be restrained from drinking 8 cans of Stella while unwittingly demonstrating my paucity of alpha male firelighting prowess.... :)

  5. Hahaha, that is precisely why I always leave the meat grilling to the men folk!