Monday, 17 May 2010

Baking with Ameretto...

My friend has invited me over to cook me dinner tonight, so I decided I would say thankyou by doing a bit of baking, as ever.
Ameretto biscuits are one of my favourite baking ingredients. They make a great base for liquer cheesecakes or crumbled over icecream etc. I decided to try some new recipes based around using them and came up with~

Crumbly Ameretto and Chocolate Biscuits

Made with plenty of crushed ameretto, these biscuits have a nice crisp texture and are perfect with Irish coffee, or served with Bailey's Icecream.

Out of Season Chocolate Ruby Nest Eggs

Based on the simple children's classic, these nest eggs have a slightly adult twist. Made with chunks of ameretto biscuit, oats, flaked almond and raisin, they are bound with melted chocolate mini eggs for a crunchy consistency, and blended with chocolate infused fortified wine.

... If you have any other ameretto recipes, feel free to share! I'll let you know how they go down tonight x


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  1. Hola, its Nat. Im meant to be doing some baking today - can i have the amaretto biscuit recipe? or a cheesecake one if you have it lying around! x