Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dinner 16.05.2010

Baked Salmon with an Oat and Seed Mustard Crust

Had to cook something quick for dinner before heading out with the girls... I haven't had nearly enough fish this week and so I decided to try this recipe. Its a throw together based on a few things I'd seen in various cookbooks. I had also read on the Dorset Cereal website (Yeah, I lurk there too) about cooking with oats and wanted to try that.

So this is basically a fresh salmon fillet coated in wholegrain Dijon mustard and then topped with a mixture of oats, breadcrumbs (I used a walnut and date pave) and seeds, blended with herbs and chili oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be fine, but chili oil gives it a nice kick.

Before sticking it in the oven I grated a bit of cheese over. I went with Cheddar as I couldn't find the parmesan, but I think that would even nicer...

I made a salad wth the left over red Pak Choi and fresh spinach, and plenty of beetroot and tomato. The colours were beautiful and it tasted really earthy and strong.

I apologise for the photo quality- the light in my kitchen in terrible. So much noise!


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