Thursday, 13 May 2010

Porridge of the Week.

Welcome to the first of my regular feature- Porridge of the Week!
If there is one strong recurrent theme in my food conversations, it is that of porridge. I have a close band of porridge friends who share this passion, and a wider circle that laugh in my face. I will be broaching the subject of the Perfect Porridge in the near future, but I thought for now I would get the Porridge ball (bowl?) rolling with the first edition of P.O.T.W.

Porridge of the Week #1

Honey, Banana, Cinnamon and Raisin

Category: Flavoured.
Okay, so it's not fancy, but it has literally been my porridge of the week. Its simple, its sweet and its uncomplicated. Who doesn't like sweet and uncomplicated..?


P.O.T.W will be divided into either one of three categories; Healthy, Flavoured or Evening. All will be revealed. If you have any recommendations for P.O.T.W that you would like to share, please please do, by leaving a comment. We would really appreciate that! Thanks x



  1. I've over looked Porridge as I've over looked so much at breakfast.

    We frequently put up with monotony at breakfast. In our rush to get to work or in a hung-over state we often have the same combination day after day. The same toast and jam, the same cereal with a splash of cold milk. Pausing for change only to cook up the ubiquitous fry up on a late Sunday morning. We would never allow yourselves such repetitiousness for out main evening meal, so why overlook breakfast?
    Recently I’ve been trying old favourites to add a pinch of class and old school charm to breakfast. Gentleman’s relish is an easy way to increase variation. Cold salty fish spread may not be to everyone’s taste in the morning. But spread thinly on hot buttered toast I think it’s delicious.
    Kedgeree is mostly enjoyed now as an evening meal. However, throughout the 19th and early 20th century, no country house would be complete without a morning buffet, which included kedgeree. The servants would be excused to serve in the mornings, the atmosphere was altogether less formal; the family would simply serve themselves. Warm and spiced, it’s the perfect way to wake up the palate and fill up before a days hunting and shooting.
    If spicy appeals but you want something even hotter, devilled kidneys fit the bill. Seldom seen on today’s menus, they were once very popular. Spicy, with a distinct meatiness; Delicious with a grilled tomato and toast.
    One of my favourite morning treats are kippers. The best I have had were on the Isle of Man. They are as proud of their kippers as they are of their tale-less cats. Though I’m told the later is tastier…. Warm, smokey kippers on hot toast with marmalade. They insist you have marmalade on the kippers, I was initially suspicious; However, it’s a perfect combination.

  2. Hello from North Yorkshire!

    I found you on facebook. :) I am quite excited to see more POTW. :) If I try anything interesting will let you know. :)

    P.S. I have food orientated blog (write in English and Polish), so you are very welcome. :)

  3. Hi Karolina
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and commenting! Drop back for more P.O.T.Ws...
    I just looked at your blog, and its great! I'll be following that. If you ever wanted to send a recipe or anything, then I will put it up and link your blog :)

  4. Sounds good. :) Will be in touch.