Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dinner 12.05.10

Tonight's dinner was using up some leftover fish and lentils from the night before. I cannot stand food wastage!

It was a Ethiopian inspired dish, which I based loosely on a Lentil Wat recipe. The base is made of lentils, onions and celery, seasoned with nutmeg, grated ginger, garlic and curry powder. The fish is poached and then briefly flash fried in the nutmeg/ginger remenants, with a thin coating of whole grain mustard.

My housemates were all cooking pizza this evening and I was really craving something similar after smelling that, but I made it anyway as the fish needed eating, and I'm glad I did. There's something I really love about lentils and celery together.

This dish is so healthy and light I always feel proper Zen afterwards.

I might trot out and buy a mango...


  1. Sounds lovely. I have a beautiful recipe for grilled mackerel with a celery, raisin and green olive salsa that just makes the flavours sing. Fish and celery are so lovely together if they are both fresh.


    I just opened a blank blog and I may well adorn it with food related shenanigans.

  2. Can't wait to see it!

    I honestly cannot get enough of makerel, its easily one of my favourite fish. I've been eating truck loads of it in the past few days, in salads (with beetroot and a warm wholegrain mustard dressing) and in makerel and salad wraps.