Monday, 24 May 2010

Hannah's Epic Salad.

Pork-y Superfood-y Salad-y Goodness
  • 1/2 pack m&s freerange stirfry pork
  • 1 pack edamame, chickpea, adzuki & pea salad, with mint dressing
  • Big-ass handful of spinach
  • 1 pack asparagus (I very pretentiously had purple)

    "Spray a wee bit of oil in a medium-hot pan, add pork, coat in lots of paprika and some coriander/mango/chili mix if you so happen to have some!

    Cook for a few minutes, turning over.... Steam the asparagus and spinach for a few minutes, add spinach to pan of pork and mop up herbs and spices, put a lid on it so it sweats a bit.

    Plonk salad pot onto a plate, with dressing, put asparagus on top and dribble a little soy sauce and pepper over it,Add pork and spinach, bit more soy sauce.... MUNCH."

    Additional Notes:

    "I'm so full, and also full of love for the man that reduces things when I walk into m&s. Ommmm nom nom."


    Thanks to Hannah for the very amusing, and epicly tasty sounding salad recipe. It has inspired me to get a little bit more salad in my life... So stay tuned!


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