Friday, 21 May 2010

Morning my Darlings!


Good morning! I'm in such a good mood today. Breakfast can do that to me.
It is oft said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is something I firmly believe in. Nothing offends me more than people who skip breakfast (Apart from maybe bad grammar...)

My holy grail in life is to achieve the nutritionally perfect breakfast. I research all the contrasting theories surrounding the best things you should eat, and in what quantities- but that's a long long story for another today.

Today it was sunny, so I woke up feeling amazing anyway. This led to making celebration smoothie- banana and strawberry. I used the leftover to make smoothie porridge. Healthy, and good hot or cold! I must say I'm actually very taken with it chilled.

Whilst I'm on the topic of smoothies and porridge, let me recommend this for you-

Breakfast Smoothie

Often in the summer I'm just not feeling the warm heaviness of porridge, even though I do love it. I like to get the same good porridge benefits but with an uber summer vibe by making a breakfast smoothie.

Simply blend yoghurt, soya milk (go on, live dangerously) with mixed oats and a bit of cereal- I find muesli is best, especially if you get one with nuts and lots of dried fruit.
Tip in a cup of frozen berries. Not only does this make it super fresh and cheap, its also much more economical! Blend it all up into a thick, cold, beautifully coloured mush in a food processor- it will have the consistency of textured sorbet.

Finally, top with some mixed fresh berries and crushed fruit and fibre. Just looking at it makes me feel as good as I do when I drink it.


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