Thursday, 20 May 2010

Muffin Ideas!


Emma and I have been brainstorming new muffin flavours to try. The possibilities are endless!!
A while back we made breakfast muffins and I really want to try capucchino muffins. (Decorated with mocha icing, and a chocolate coated coffee bean! Oh!)

Above all though I'm intruiged to try Pudding Muffins. These are muffins I plan to make based around classic pudding recipes, and ours are as follows:

Pudding Muffins Top 5:

Apple Crumble
Stewed apple, with cinammon and nutmeg. The 'crumble' would be made by adding oats and granola. Topped with plenty of brown sugar!

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Dates and toffee pieces with a sticky toffee sponge and a caramel topping
(My personal favourite)

Bakewell Tart
This is a creative one... Almond muffin (blended with plenty of ground almond)
Slice the top of the muffin and place inside a thin layer of marzipan and jam. Maybe finely chopped pieces of cherry within the muffin?
Top with white icing and a glace cherry. Pretty!

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake muffins with that yummy carrot cake cream topping.

Banana Cake
Banana bread, in muffin form- stuff with fresh banana and plenty of spice.
No topping, just a messy drizzle of icing and a dried banana slice.


So that's the low down! What do you think?
I want your opinion as to which I should try first and also your muffin flavour suggestions. You give em, I'll bake em!



  1. danielle Sweetland20 May 2010 at 07:09

    yumahoy! carrot cake muffins sound amazing!!

    Gonna try next week, spinach brie and chirizo.....will bring you a batch to see if the get the lou stamp of approval!

  2. I have so many combinations that I love. Peach and raspberry, lemon and blueberry, lavender and honey (with dried lavender flowers and lavender honey), plum marzipan and cinnamon (with a plum compote on top), carrot apple and pecan with a mixed seed and oat topping), blueberry with a crumble topping (the kind you'd put on an apple crumble).... The key with muffins is not to incorporate too much air into the mixture or mix it too strongly. Make sure there are plenty of unmixed lumps and don't stir it too much.

  3. Aaron, you are too classy. I've said it befor and I'll say it again- Food Legend.
    There is actually a lavender field near me... I could do locally sourced lavender muffins when its the right season. They also do lavender honey...

    Danni- When I get back next week I'll come over and we can make some savoury muffins together! I've been planning to do it for sooo long, I'd love to finally do it!