Monday, 6 September 2010

Food Fact of the Day.

A scotch egg is not actually Scottish.

Fortnum and Mason claim to have invented the Scotch Egg in 1738. The earliest printed version of the recipe appears in Mrs Rundall in 1809.



  1. I quite like the idea of the one for Scotch egg given in today's Daily Mail. "In the early 19th century the first written reference to Scotch eggs popped up (with the recommendation that they be eaten hot with gravy) in the Cook And Housewife’s Manual, thought to be secretly penned by Ivanhoe author Sir Walter Scott. Perhaps they should have been called Scott’s eggs?"

    The whole article makes an interesting read.

    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  2. I've heard about them being eaten with gravy... I quite like that idea really.
    That was in the paper today? What a funny coincidence.
    Thankyou for the great additional fact! x

  3. I thought it was so strange to read twice about the same food item in one day I just had to add a post!
    I used to have a recipe for oven baked Scotch (Scott's?!) eggs, which was much healthier than the usual deep fried version, but have lost track of it. However, I found a similar recipe the other day so will get round to making some soon, I hope. Thanks for reminding me. Lovely - and very handy for packed lunches too.