Monday, 20 September 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!


'National Cupcake Week' may have drawn unwillingly to a sticky end- but fortunately it's always cupcake week in the house of LouLovesFood!
I spent the morning practising my butter-cream frosting (I think I can be bold enough to say I have that down...) and made a mismatched batch of cupcakes to experiment with all the new edible glitters and sparkly girly things I had ordered in that fell on my doorstep this morning (to my great excitement).
Expect plenty more cakes and bakes in the next few weeks..!

Chocolate-cherry brandy with chocolate cream. The best. The best thing ever.

The appropriately titled 'Little Louise' - Vanilla with a layer of strawberry jam!

Raspberry ripple with vanilla butter-cream frosting

Coconut cream muffin with sparkling coconut frosting
I love the topping on this- the mixture of desiccated coconut with shimmering white and baby pink...

... And last but not least, a simple vanilla cupcake!


  1. Gorgeous! The sparkly pink sprinkles are too cute, but they all look incredibly, sinfully delicious!

  2. All look gorgeous and flavours sound delicious. Would be interested to know your secret to buttercream, if you have one. I sometimes get something I'm happy with and sometimes not.

  3. WOW, your cupcakes look spectacular! It seems you're nice and generous with the buttercream too. ;)