Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hibiscus and Elderflower 'Organ' Jellies

I've been wanting to play with jelly for a while, and I've really wanted to involve the beautiful Hibiscus flower... So I had a go making elderflower and hibiscus jellies.

Reaching for words, 'success' isn't the first I would go for. After the freestanding jellies slid onto the plate looking like human hearts I tried them in champagne flutes, which was a lot prettier, but still somehow ended up looking like something off an operating table.

I created the blood trail through the jelly by dropping in a small amount of syrup just as it was beginning to fully set. The thickness of the jelly caused it to sink through and puddle like a red blood cell swimming in platelets. The red base layer is made with hibiscus syrup, left to set before topping with elderflower jelly.

My kitchen looks like Frankenstien's workshop right now.

If you get a perverse pleasure from creating edibl organs and biological matter, you can buy Hibiscus flowers in syrup from Lakeland.



  1. I love these. They look like something from a Tim Burton movie. Or like a Lava Lamp Jelly.

  2. Hey that isn't a hibiscus's a Sorrel..

  3. You're damn well right!
    I bought them/often see them sold as hibiscus flowers- any idea why they do this??