Friday, 17 September 2010

My food crush: Outsider Tart

I know I'm always falling in love with food and food shops, I have truly fallen head over heels in love with my current big food crush, the Outsider Tart... Oh my.

Designed by David Lesniak, one half of 'the two David's' who own the little boutique bakery, it is a design nerds dream. Candy striped counter tops, £3,000 cake stands and wooden shelves. I particularly love the oversized jars filled with nuts.

The cakes, I can assure you, are irresisitable, and all American; a chocolate cherry cheesecake brownie that was both verbally, and literally, quite a mouthful. The two layered brownie with a cookie topping was novel and whatever the crumbly, nutty slice I ate was, it was, to use a tired old cliche- to die for. I hold no apologies!

As well as cakes, they also sell a range of savoury snacks and sandwiches- pulled pork rolls and pastries stuffed with sweet potato. There are also shelves of American deli produce, including Aunt Jemima syrup and Fluff marshmallow and cereals.

It's the kind of place that makes you want to quit your job, sell your house, relocate and make new friends, just so you can have the pleasure of a leisurely walk down for a Saturday morning coffee.
If my ineloquent gushing's (and frankly shoddy photography) haven't swayed you yet, check out their gorgeous website, where you can see a huge array of cupcakes and brownies, or 'keep up with the tarts' via their blog.

Outsider Tart
83 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 2EF
020 7 096 0619


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  1. My heart stops every time I walk into this place. (And I suspect that if I eat too many of these cakes that would literally be true). But it really is food and design heaven. And terrifyingly, it is only a walk from my house. I need steel willpower to not fall face down in their yummy baking delights.