Friday, 3 September 2010

International Contributer: Thai Chicken Pastry


The last night of winter is a time for inspiration! In cold times warm food and the heat of chilli pamper the soul, but with the advent of spring food must gain momentum start to hint of the wonderful season to come. A poke around Perth’s local markets gave me all I need to do just that – Thai chicken pastry (I refuse to say sausage roll!). I love Thai ingredients, and HATE freezer pack finger foods that rear their ugliness weekly at parties. This recipe is so easy and entices with the warmth of chilli, and excites with a kaleidoscope of fresh flavour, which to me is the hallmark of Thai food.

Needed for pastry:
• Minced chicken
• An apple
• Nob of ginger
Chilli (I used a fried dry chilli)
Kaffir lime leaf (an absolute MUST)
• A bunch of coriander
• Cracked pepper
• An egg (or two for binding mixture, keep some for glazing pastry)
• Puff pastry (buy it pre-made unless you’ve got a spare day)
• Sesame seeds (for garnishing pastry)

Dipping sauce:
• Sweet Chilli
• White vinegar
• Palm sugar (cane is okay if you don’t have palm)
• Roasted peanuts, crushed or chopped finely

Finely chop ingredients to make filling. Add egg and mix!

Roll filling in puff pastry, glaze with egg and decorate. Bake at 200°C in oven until brown and puffed.

Big thanks to today's guest contributor, my Australian friend John. As we always meet in London and he resides in Perth I've never had the honour of trying his food, and it greives me. But listening to him talk and seeing some of the things he creates, I know he's bloody good.
I hope he graces us with his wisdom and adventures from the other side of the world soon. Thankyou!


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