Thursday, 23 September 2010

How to: make simple Salmon en croute


There are some flavours that were born to be together. Some of these flavours are surprising- strawberry and balsamic vinegar, chocolate and thyme... Others are elegant; monk fish and speck... Then there are the simple ones, and I sometimes believe these make for the best combinations.
Some of these flavours are salmon and prawns or cream cheese and sweet chili, and together they make one of my favourite meals.
(And it's very hard for me to pick my favourite meals...)

So the other night was a basic variety of filo salmon en croute. Its quick and very easy, and I'm sure you all know how to make it- But in case you need reminding...

Lay out a few layers of filo rectangles. Brush each layer with a bit of egg before putting the next one down. (Two or three is enough.) On top of the rectangle of filo, place an uncooked salmon fillet. Spread on a layer of cream cheese and then place a line of peeled prawns onto the fillet. Over this, drizzle with sweet chilli sauce and finally, top with spinach.
Crack some black pepper over and pull up the sides and edges of the filo and seal it like a parcel round the ingredients. Brush the edges with a big more egg to help bind, and then brush a bit over the top of the parcel.
Stick in the oven at about 180C and cook for fifteen minutes, till the filo is flaky and a bit golden.

Five ingredients that taste like they should always be together ...



  1. Wow, looks amazing and recipe sounds incredible. Yum!

  2. The illustration is beautiful and the recipe sounds lovely as well. Would love to see more illustrations on your blog. The waistcoat and handkerchief just kill me! The colours were beautiful too.

  3. Thankyou all! Always a little shy about putting the illustrations up, so very much appreciated :)