Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Make Us a Brew!


This Monday I trawled the Speciality and Fine Foods Fair in London looking for interesting, exciting, or just plain yummy new food stuffs. Imagine my confusion when I stumbled across Make Us A Brew...

Being a recent ex-student, it was hardly suprising that I was already familiar with the cartoons and DJ-ing of Mr Scruff (a fairly quintessential part of student life) and it didn't take me long to lock eyes on his ever so distinctive comic strips, emblazoned, peculiarly, across boxes of tea.

How, what, why, where, when..?!

Enter, Make Us a Brew. Sipping on the very lovely mint and chilli (Like tea, but warmer!) I heard the story of how the little company came about. It is a simple story, and condensced down, it goes like this-
Mr Scruff really likes tea.

Having always sold tea and tea paraphenalia at his gigs, it was only a matter of time before the idea of setting up his own tea making company was brewed. Make Us A Brew were keen to point out that their tea -which ranges from a rather classic English Breakfast to Look Lively! with lemongrass, yerba mate and mint- are all Fair Trade, All Organic and encased in chlorine-free, compostable tea bags. ("There was no other option...")

God, this sounds like a press release... This is not! But people who have a tea fetish will understand the excitement of discovering a new flavour, and those who have a tea and a chilli fetish will understand that my excitement was ten-fold.
I think it's already been established I'm a bit of a cheapskate, so I think anything that has me hurrying to the Health Food Store (Health Food Store= crazy mark ups) to stock up on their products can't be a bad thing.

Know a student? Know a student that likes music? Know a music loving student with a penchant for silly drawings? Yeah? Of course you do, we all do. That's Christmas sorted. Bam.


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