Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Porridge of the Week # 18

Porridge of the Week #18

Porridge Lover's Banana and Peanut Butter

Whilst warming through the oats and milk, mash a banana. Set aside a few slices. Stir the mash into the porridge mix with a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter. You can also stir in a teaspoon of brown sugar if you prefer it a little sweeter- do this to taste.
Stir though and serve into a bowl. Top with the banana slices and some crushed peanuts.

Here's an anecdote. When a midwife mentioned to my Mama that she thought my brother was a bit on the small side it made her worry a little bit (being a first time mother, I assume). In a bid to bulk him up a bit, she started trying to hide peanut butter in his food (Don't ask me what gave her that idea!). One day she got a bit lazy, and he found it. He hasn't eaten peanut butter since. If you are also trying to fatten up your babbies, then you may want to try this porridge recipe...

I got this porridge from the Porridge Lover's blog, where there are tons of recipes I want to try. If one porridge a week isn't enough for you, check it out! There's plenty of recipes there as well as plenty of other porridge related posts.

This recipe may fall more into the 'flavour' category than the 'healthy' one, but if not healthy, it's actually pretty nutritious (as my Mama will attest, I'm sure). If you try get organic peanut butter then its high in protein and pretty guilt free. So enjoy.

You can also shave a bit of dark chocolate in (high in antioxidants people, so no need to panic...) and then its kind of like Snicker's porridge! Om nom nom. That's pretty much worthy of a post in itself!


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  1. Actually it made her worry a lot. Everything does.

    But it'll explain why your brother has just gone off to live in Buenos Aires. You 'll have to tell Mama if she promises not to force feed him he may come back!! :¬)

    And if you substitute porridge for Weetabix this is pretty much the breakfast Mama was trying to force feed to him. Clearly where she went wrong was not shaving a bit of chocolate into it. If she had done that then I'm sure he wouldn't have rebelled.