Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Porridge of the Week #17

Fig, Raspberry and Vanilla

Porridge of the Week #17

Category: Healthy/ Flavour

Soak the oats in sweetened soya milk, adding in a drop of vanilla essence. Tip in a handful of raspberries and stir in, crushing slightly. Cut or tear up a very ripe fig into wedges and also add into the oats. Warm through and pour into a bowl. Serve with a few extra raspberries and a sprinkling of dessicated coconut.

Its that simple! Really a very quick porridge... I think it counts as healthy- the raspberries are high in fibre and there's no added sugar. Make sure you make it now whilst figs are in season! The raspberries are sharp and the fig gives it a nice crunchy texture. A lovely, light and sweet breakfast that won't leave you feeling heavy.



  1. I was not a good girl recently - I didn't eat porridge for ages. But I am planning to have some next week as the temperature has dropped down. :( Will look at some dried fruit possibly. will let you know, perhaps you would kindly have me on your blog again? :) xx

  2. Karolina, i would love that! I always love blog contributions :)
    The weather has been awful today... But at least being able to tuck back into the porridge is a silver lining! xx